Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Listen & Learn

Have you loved someone so much
That it hurts inside?
Have you wanted something so much
That it makes you cry?
Have you tried to make a difference
To change your life?
Have you given someone else a chance
To prove their worth?
Have you felt that no one cared enough
To lend a hand?
Have you wondered where to turn
For the gift of happiness?
Have you listened to your heart
For the answers?
Just listen to your heart
And you will learn.

Together Forever

When he holds my hand,
My stomach does somersaults
When he kisses me,
My heart skips a beat
His hugs are so comfortable,
I could stay there forever
Just knowing he is by my side,
Is a comfort that I feel anywhere
His favorite CD
Just happens to be mine too
He has this fanatic obsession
For the same thing as me: Cars
He doesn't have a degree
But what does a plaque on the wall
Contribute to love?
The five best words he has said to me are,
Guess what? I love you.
The silly things he does
Make me smile.
We don't have to do anything,
We have fun just being together.

Brown Eyes

Your brown eyes shine in the pale moonlight
Your smile takes away my worries and also my fright
When you look away I just have to stare
I love your features - your eyes, smile, and hair
When you came, I thought it was a dream
How could a guy be so nice?
None around here were like that, it seemed.
Now that you were here I had nothing left to fear
You would always be there for me, far or near
All I have to do is think of you
And the memory will make me have a happy day too
You are a great friend and a great guy
When I think of you, my heart starts to fly
It soars to a far off place
Where your memory takes up its space
I can still see your features -
Your brown eyes, your smile and your hair
I look upon your memory with love and care

The Smell of Rain

Enjoy the small things in life -
A rainbow peaking through the storm
The fresh smell of rain
Homemade chocolate chip cookies
By enjoying the small things -
You can better appreciate the big things -
A double rainbow on a blustery day
A visit from a long lost friend
Wedding cake on your special day
The birth of a child
Enjoy the small things in life
They happen everyday
Appreciate the big things in life
When they come your way.

The Gift of Love

I didn't know what love was
Until I met you
Love is something
You don't just give away
Love is a gift
Love comes so gradually
And suddenly
That you don't know it has hit you
Until it is too late
To share the gift of love
You have to be willing
To carry each others burdens
Nothing matters anymore
Except the happiness
Of the one you love.


After years of confinement
After months of grief
The barricade of silence came down
With a hammer and a chisel
The arduous task began.

Through shouts of joy
And rings of laughter
Little by little the "barricade"
Found its death
Once built to bring peace
Now destroyed to have peace.


My best friend was a puppy
A sweet delicate life
Full of love
Swimming and playing together
His wet tongue licking my feet
The essential love felt true
In the moments I will always recall.
The winter death leaves a void -
For eternity.

Summer Nights

Summer nights full of
Peace and happiness
Never ending starlight
Friendships that last forever
First kisses so sweet -
For once life is complete
With no worries in the world
Its like time is at a stand still -
Until the sunsets melt away
Into the fall and then winter nights
Why can't it be summer forever?

The Storm

Clouds roll over the mountain tops
The salty sea air gives truth of a storm
While the howling wind rustles the autumn leaves -
The sky turns into a gloomy glare.
The rain silently begins licking the earth
And the thrashing branches are a welcome harmony.
The parched earth drinks in the rain,
Quenching its thirsty pores to overflowing.

A New Beginning

Morning is a time for solitude
Peace and tranquility fill the air.
The rising sun brings all the magic and beauty to life
The whole earth awakens with delight
The cascading rays open doors to the unknown
Valleys and forges that beg to be discovered
All the mysteries seem to unfold
The colors and brightness fill the sky
Slowly and quietly the day begins
This new beginning brings a dawning of hope
A hope for a better day today, tomorrow and forever.

Her Altered State

Her heart screamed inside her weak body
The fragile exigency of life had overcome her.
Illusions of felicity blind her altered state
Seeking normalcy to replace this daze.
Trying to evade the questions
No one desires to have answered
Her life resembles a nova
The evanescence is no longer comprehensible
Struggling with the will to vanquish virtue
She continues to live her vapid life.


Lost, alone
Wandering, searching, trying to find home.
Nowhere to go,
No one to turn to,
Nothing to do.
I can only think of you:
What you did, and how you hurt me.
Hoping someone would just see
And find me
Bring me back to where I should be
Take me to the place called home
I don't want to be alone.

Forgotten Beauty

Forgotten - left alone
Lost in this world of sorrow
Waiting for destiny
To come and replace fate
To make tomorrow a better place
To remember what makes the world go round
Trying to find it without success
Hoping it will be there
Wondering what it's all about
Why it has been deserted
Why they just don't care
About this beauty left behind
The forgotten beauty called love.

My Love

You know that you are the only one -
That I long for, that I love.
You make my life complete.
You brighten my life by being there:
To protect me;
To love me;
To be with me eternally.
The love that binds us is never ending
A love beyond compare
As we grow old together -
May our love grow increasingly stronger.
Ben, my love, my heart is yours -
You are my one and only love.