Thursday, December 15, 2011


While many people pay the big bucks to go speak to a therapist to sort out their problems.  I tend to lean on a different type of therapy.

Meet my therapist.  Her name is Betty White.

No, not that Betty White.  Although that would be pretty awesome!  She was a grief counselor when she played the character "Rose" from Golden Girls, so I'm sure she'd be qualified, but I digress.

My therapist is my bike.  Meet my bike, her name is Betty White. 

I've been wanting to get a road bike for years, and I was finally able to get one this year.  Nothing feels better than the freedom of riding a bike.  I used to ride a bike everywhere I went as a child and into my teen years.  Then I turned 16, and had no need for a bike, or so I thought.

I found as I rode my bike that if I was frustrated or mad about something, I usually worked it out in my head while I rode.  My husband always listens to headphones when he rides, but I found that by listening to the sounds around me, and listening to myself, that I was able to clear my mind of all the junk.

Now that it's winter and 20 degrees outside, I am missing my trusty therapist.  But come Spring, we'll have our 2-3 sessions per week, and all will be right with the world.  Until then I'll just watch some Golden Girls reruns and eat popcorn.

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